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Indo-China Enters On Brink of the War As Border Dispute Escalates

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India’s dream of expanding the region has been shattered, China’s blunt response to its attempts to change the geography of the region, gaining control of the disputed area in Ladakh, more troops deployed at Sikkim border.

The ongoing conflict between China and India is escalating. China has sent another 5,000 troops to the Ladakh-Sikkim border. According to China, India has tried to unilaterally change the status of the disputed territory.

According to the Indian politician, the Indian army oppresses the unarmed Kashmiris but it has gone out of balance in front of the Chinese army. The continuous increase of Chinese troops on the border of Sikkim and Ladakh has blown Indian Army and Modi government’s minds.

China has increased its troops on the border and is building underground bunkers, while hundrads of Chinese army tents have been spotted in the Galvan Valley. India is building illegal defense structure near Galvan Valley, says China. The Chinese officials further stated, that India has repeatedly violated line of control in Sikkim and Ladakh. While India’s new strategy was to illegally change the geographic status of the disputed area.

The tension escalated when Indian and Chinese troops came face to face on eastern border of Ladakh. The Indian media released pictures of the new control of the area. The Chinese army can be seen in control on the most part of the area even in the Indian army’s controlled areas.

Meanwhile, India’s border dispute with Nepal is also growing. The Prime Minister of Nepal has released a new map in which the areas of Kala Pani, Lampia Dhora and Lipu Lekh have been declared as part of Nepal.

Shiv Anand Tiwari, a Janata Dal leader from Bihar, says Modi and his commander-in-chief, who have been threatening Pakistan on a daily basis, have now gone on a silent fast.

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