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Ministry of Aviation Will Complete the Investigation

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PIA CEO Arshad Malik Press Briefing

KARACHI: (A News Blog) Pakistan International Airline’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Arshad Malik said, the plane was technically fine and there will be a transparent inquiry and Ministry of Aviation will complete it.

During his press conference in Karachi the CEO of Pakistan International Airline said he is was encouraged after seeing the families of martyred courage after plane crashed.

He prayed for the elevation of the martyred ranks and asked for the patience from God for the families of martyrs. Two pilots were also died in the plane crash, he added. The plane was cleared to flight by the technical staff. A four members’ investigation team is setup for the investigation. The Ministry of Aviation will look into it and will complete the investigation.

CAA and PIA officials will have no role in the inquiry and the inquiry report will be brought into the light. There were total 99 people on board, including the cabin crew.

The plane crashed in the 20 feet wide populous street. However, some people are spreading negativity on the media and it’s not good for the families of the plane crash martyrs and themselves as well. As per the last communication with control tower the pilot was ready to land the plane on runway, but something happened to the plane in the second time he tried to land the plane.

The president of the Punjab bank survived the plane crash miraculously. The Edhi and Cheepa foundations are doing really great right now.

He further added that the safety investigation board is the official department of the Govt. of Pakistan and it will look into. PIA will not involve in this investigation and this will take two to three days to complete the investigation.

He said, the planes are technically cleared for the safest international travel. No aircraft can fly without the complete clearance. We have already plane crashed accidents due to the birds in the past.

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