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97 Confirmed Dead, 2 Injured in Plane Crash in Karachi, Pakistan

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Plane Crashed in Karachi 22nd May 2020

The exhumation of bodies was completed after the crash of Pakistan International Airlines flight PK8303 in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, on Friday, after which 97 deaths were confirmed and 19 bodies were identified.

Two people on board survived the crash and are being treated at Karachi’s hospitals.

According to the Pakistan Army Public Relations Department, the bodies of 97 people have been recovered from the spot, the 25 affected houses have been cleared and the residents have been shifted to other places with the help of local administration.

According to our reporter in Karachi, the identification process of the dead is underway and biometrics phase is being done and a team of National Registration Agency of Pakistan NADRA was sent to Karachi.

The Sindh government had set up a lab for DNA samples of the bodies to identify the bodies.

The Civil Aviation recovered the black box and planning to send the box for decoding, this may take several weeks.

World leaders as well as the neighbor Prime Minister Narendra Modi lamented the plane crash at Jinnah Garden in Karachi’s Model Colony.

US Secretary Mike Pompeo expressed regret over the plane crash and confirmed that the United States stands with Pakistan in this difficult time.

The four members’ investigation team is constituted by the federal government.

When did the crash happen?

PIA plane Airbus A320 coming from Lahore to Karachi crashed at Jinnah Garden near Model Colony near Airport at 2.25 pm Pakistan time yesterday.

There were 99 passengers including eight crew members.

According to PIA CEO Arshad Malik, the plane was in flight and for the final landing, the pilot approached the control tower and informed that the plane was fully ready for landing.

According to Arshad Malik the CEO of Pakistan International Airline, the pilot approached the control tower and confirmed that the plane was ready to land. Afterward, arriving at airport the pilot decided to go around, something happened with the plane. The details will be shared once the black box is decoded.

Pakistan’s largest welfare organization Edhi Foundation’s CEO Faisal Edhi is the first who reached at the crash site. The plane was two and half hundred meters away from the runaway, where it collided with a water tank on third floor and plunged into a twenty feet wide alley, he stated.

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