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2009 Bitcoin Moved Is it Really Satoshi Nakamoto?

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Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto

A digital news desk reported on Wednesday 20th May 2020: The bitcoin market was sold off 7% Wednesday. A twitter bot connected a 40 BTC transaction with the Satoshi Nakamoto, The creator of the Bitcoin protocol.

However, nothing creates the connection with bitcoin recent transaction and Nakamoto wallet. No evident is available that supports this rumor.

Twitter famous bot account “Whale Alert” tracks multiple on-chain blockchain transactions. The bot tweeted that these 40 BTC might be transferred from possible Satoshi Nakamoto’s wallet. However, the Bitcoin saw a dip in the price as the tweet went viral.

The person at Bitstamp, Hunter Merghart said that everything worked as designed, sellers got good fast liquidity and buyers filled it. He said this on the market’s reaction.

The only thing that provoke the Whale Alert connect it with Satoshi is those coins were mined in the early days of bitcoin. These coins were mined in 2009. Jameson Lopp the bitcoin software engineered reacted on this tweet and thinks the script behind the bot need fixes.

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